Cochran’s Collector’s Guide for The West 2018



2018 GUIDE


When you're in the Guide, the dealers in your mall can advertise alongside you with their own Associate Listings for $42 per year!
The $42 per year Associate Listing for Multi-Dealer Stores will: give all the dealers in your store a chance to promote their own space AFFORDABLY. Perfect for dealers who want to describe their inventory in their own words. Dealers who SPECIALIZE will get a custom reverse header. Your dealers can also add a PHOTOGRAPH to their listing for an additional $20.00!!! Can increase the exposure of the store dramatically!
CLICK or TAP TO DOWNLOAD an ORDER FORM you can copy and distribute...
When you purchase a listing or any other ad for your store, your individual dealers can print their own listings for $42 a year! To see how it improves exposure of the store, look at the Antiques Unlimited spread below. Antiques Unlimited bought a quarter page display ad (their ad included a free listing and the map) and gave the Associate Listing forms to their dealers. The dealers jumped at the opportunity to advertise their own wares (in their own words) and the mall got almost 2 full pages of the book!
These additional listings repeat your shop address, phone number, email address, etc. further enhancing your presence. Dealers who specialize will benefit from more detail about their antiques and a custom reverse-type heading naming their specialty right above their listing. Just $42 a year... why so affordable? • Associates don’t get bulk shipments of the Guide, eliminating additional printing and shipping costs, (but the mall gets deliveries),and; • We don't have to create a new map, saving us time, space and production.