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(the easy way)

When we created the Guide in 1989, we decided that group advertising wasn't going to work with our business model, so we took a different approach.


We decided to minimize the work that a motivated individual had to do to:

A) create maximum possible exposure for an antique row, and

B) still give each participating store or mall independent control over their individual presentation.

The answer was quite simple: we provide free display advertising for your antique row when 4 or more local businesses participate by buying our minimum entry-level ad or larger.


This policy means that you are not compelled to organize yourselves into a group, like it or not. You can still benefit from the enhanced exposure you get from a group ad.


Just purchase and proof your own ad, and we do the rest.

4-5 Shops get 1/4 page display ad

6-7 Shops get 1/2 page group display ad.

8-9 Shops get 3/4 page ad.

10 or More get a Full Page of display

(design/graphics included)