2020 GUIDE



Cochran's Guide is a Real Thing...

with real ink printed on real paper.


We have distributed millions upon millions

of copies to antique shops and malls over

the years, and this year is no different!


If you own or manage a shop, store or mall,

you need to included in the next Guide!

A Collector's Guide ad is so easy to do...

Just call Bliss at 1-866-585-6162 and tell her where you are, what you have in your store, things you specialize in, and why your customers cherish the time they spend there...


Bliss has been doing this for over 30 years, so let her help you.


If you just want to get ad prices, click the ADVERTISE menu button above... and ad placement forms are available throughout the advertising section, too. Just look for the FORM button.